5 Things Should Know About Sex Toys

5 Things Should Know About Sex Toys

If you are already an aficionado of sex toys, then you are already having the best time of your sex life. However, if you are one of those people that needs enlightenment on how these adult toys make intimacy better with your partner, then you shouldn’t sleep on this article.

Buying your first toy is the same as buying other stuff that you know nothing about. It could be an exciting yet frustrating experience. It is true, especially if you are not sure what kind of sex toy you should look for, or what you should know about these adult entertainment devices.

So to help you out of the frustrations that you might be feeling, here are the things that a beginner should know when buying their first-ever sex toys.

What Toy Suits You Best?

The sex toy market offers many variations that are designed to give different types of satisfaction. Thus, before you rush and settle on the first toy you see, make sure you have checked yourself and asked what toy suits best? This question is essential since you need to consider what kind of simulation suits you for better pleasure.

Do you love G-spot, vaginal, clitoral, or anal stimulation? Then there are toys specified for those target areas. Respectively aim for simultaneous different pleasure points of your body, which would surely leave you ecstatic. 

Other than that, it is worth mentioning to beginners for sex toys that there are different power intensities and options that you could choose from. Thus, it would be best to research or ask regarding the right amount of intensity to feel enjoyment rather than pain. 

Make Sure, it’s Body Safe.

Ensure the sex toys you are eyeing follow the general rule, that the materials used is safe for the body. So, what are the body-safe materials that you should know? The said materials include silicone, glass, and wood. Although there are plenty of body-safe toys offered in the market, there are still many frauds out there. 

This is why it is better to buy adult entertainment devices in a trusted brand such as EROKAY sex toys.

Include Your Partner When Choosing

Do you have someone that you want to play with the toys? It would then be best if you consider your partner, too, when choosing the right device. Since sex toys can significantly increase enjoyment and thrill to you and your partner’s sex life, you should talk to your partner before actually using it during your intimacy time. 

Additionally, it would also be best for you to assure your partner that there is nothing wrong with them. Why? Because some people presume they are not good at sex— which is why one resorts to using sex toys.

Sex Toy Hygiene is a Must

This one might be obvious, but sometimes it gets overlooked. There are also other times that one only washes the device and leaves it unattended, or chucked down in a place where no one else knows but themselves. However, it is important to stress that knowing how to properly wash and take good care of your sex toy is a must. 

Luckily for you, cleaning your sex toys is simple to do. You only need to wash your sex toys after every use with mild antibacterial soap and dry it off with a damp cloth. Also, keep in mind that most sex toys come with a travel bag or pouch to properly store the item. Thus, make sure to keep them in their packaging. 

Lastly, silicone sex toys are prone to attracting dust, so you need to dry it with a hairdryer on the coolest setting after washing and then safely store them away.

Get a Good Lubricant

Getting a good lube is great, whether you are a newbie or a sex toy expert. Why? Well, it decreases friction, which makes your experience smoother and much more enjoyable. Although there is a stigma that using lubricants makes you a “dried up old hag,” that’s not necessarily the case, and that thinking is already canceled. 

It is highly recommended for good lubes that you use water-based ones since it will not interfere with the sex toy’s materials. Knowing your sex toy material is another thing that you should know about since the lubricant might affect your device. For instance, it was a rule of thumb that silicone lubes breakdown silicone toys.

However, there are instances that silicone lubes are fine for pure silicone toys. It all boils down to making a spot test before using the lubes!