How to Choose the Sex Toy for You

How to Choose the Sex Toy for You


Have you ever used one of those weird sex toys? You don’t have to tell us.

But something you should be doing is checking out the “sex toys for me” aisle. As women, it’s about time we took it upon ourselves to have personal vibrators galore.

There’s a lot of sex toy options on the market. Finding the perfect toy can be a lot of fun but it’s still good to have an idea of what you’re looking for in a toy.

We’ve got you covered on all the juicy details. Below we’ve laid out what to think about when searching for the perfect sex toy.

Does Perfect Sex Exist?

Let’s face it. Most of us aren’t having Hollywood sex every single time we get under the sheets (or any location for that matter). We all want those crazy sex scenes, but we don’t get them nearly enough.

Only 29% of women always reach orgasm during sex. If you haven’t heard, most women get there by clitoral stimulation rather than vaginal.

Whether you’re a single pringle or a committed Claire, sex toys can help you. You can use them during masturbation or couple sex to reach higher levels of pleasure.

What’s Your Turn On?

Whatever your kink is there’s a perfect sex toy for you.

Do you like stripping your sexiest lingerie off? Want to walk around outside with one of the most popular vibrators in your underwear? It can be turned on with a click of a button.

Focus on what excites you. Your sex toy should be something that switches your switch from off to on.

Explore Your Options

Sex toys include anything from dildos, vibrators, and everything in between. Your sex toy can be made up of silicone, glass, hard plastic, and metal.

Types of dildos range from the “real deal” stunt doubles to unique shapes. If you’re looking for texture, you may prefer a more natural dildo in a penis shape with veins included. Dildos with a smooth surface can also get the job done.

Some toys are completely waterproof and some only splash-proof. If you’re going to have fun in the tub, you should invest in a waterproof toy so you can submerge the toy without worry.

Size doesn’t matter until it does. Your toy can be a convenient two-inch portable vibrator. It can also be a one-foot dildo of pleasurable goodness.

You should also consider how you keep your toy running. Toys can be plugged directly into the wall, use a charging port, or a couple of batteries.

Whatever you do, make sure it’s non-toxic. Check the labels. Make sure you see key terms like:

  • Body safe
  • Non-porous
  • Easy to clean

The material also matters for cleaning purposes. Silicone toys are extremely easy to clean. You can buy sex toys online and start playing around with toys until you find your favorite.

Dim the Lights for Yourself

If perfect sex is hard to come by, you deserve the closest thing. Don’t settle for boredom in the bedroom or lame one night stands. Invest in your sex toy collection.

Take your time, ladies. Finding the ultimate sex toy requires patience and a little trial and error.

Shut the door and break out your next plaything, girl.